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Painting Your Nails to add a Feminine Touch

Posted on 11. Mar, 2013 by in Girly Stuff, Short Hair

I have a love/hate relationship with nail salons. There’s no denying that those spa pedicure chairs are awesome and the nail techs can make my nails look a zillion times better than I can, but these days the thought of spending sixty or seventy bucks a month on my nails makes me cringe.

I wore pink and white acrylic nails and got bi-weekly pedicures for years but decided to give up the habit while I was pregnant. The OB/GYN nearly laughed when I asked if that rumor about hair dye being unsafe during pregnancy was actually true, but I didn’t even ask about nail salons because I didn’t want to risk exposing an unborn child to all those crazy fumes, which easily give me a headache. So I scraped and peeled off the acrylics and suffered through almost a year of paper-thin sore fingernails and started painting my own toenails—even with a pregnancy belly in the way.

My nails are still prone to breaking years later and I’m guilty of biting them when they aren’t perfectly filed (gross, I know) so as you can see they are short, but I make an effort to paint them because they help my hands look a bit more girly. When you have short hair like I do and don’t feel like wearing makeup or an evening gown, painting your nails can help you look a bit more feminine despite your short hairdo.


If you’re going to do your nails at home, do yourself a favor and invest in a bottle of quality polish. My current favorite brand is Essie, but OPI is decent as well. It will cost you $8 or $9 but you’ll achieve much better results than you will bargain rack nail polish. Besides, one bottle is less than half the price of a manicure or pedicure and will last several months or longer.

Divahood on a Budget: DIY Frugalista Pedicure

Posted on 17. Feb, 2010 by in Girly Stuff

Growing out your natural fingernails after you’ve worn pink-and-whites for eight years is pretty much pure torture, but mine have finally started looking halfway decent.  I’ve also realized that I like saving money on my nails, so I started figuring things out for myself.

My absolute favorite brand of nail polish is OPI. It runs $8 or $9 a bottle, which is fairly expensive as far as nail polish goes, but it is great quality and chips far less than cheaper brands. (OPI is the brand that most professional nail salons use.)

OPI also has a line of polish called Nicole by OPI. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two lines is the colors – they’re priced the same. Nicole usually has “funkier” colors, such as blues or greens, whereas OPI typically sticks to the pinks and reds and “normal” colors. You can find OPI and Nicole at several different stores, such as ULTA, Trade Secret, or even some Targets. ULTA often has “buy two, get one free” sales on OPI polish.

I like the colors that Nicole offers, but I don’t like the shape of the bottles. It’s harder to get the polish out of them once it’s no longer a brand-new full bottle because they have a curve to them.

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