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5 Female Celebs with Short Hair

Posted on 19. Feb, 2013 by in Short Hair

Last week, I took the Little Diva (my daughter) to get her bangs trimmed at the kid-friendly salon she absolutely loves to visit. Hey, I can’t blame her. If I was small enough, I’d probably have a blast getting my hair cut while sitting in a miniature car and watching a DVD.

Anyway, the stylist joked that Little Diva’s hair is much longer than her mommy’s, which led to the usual, “You’re so brave to have such short hair!” speech that I’ve actually grown accustomed to over the years. I don’t feel brave…I just feel like me.

I am happy that so many starlets with short hair are being profiled by the media these days, though. Girls with short hair will probably never become the norm, but these five celebs (some of whom I’ve mentioned before in my previous posts) are just further proof that it’s possible to look good without long hair:

Anne Hathaway

Image: Coolspotters.com

Pixie Geldorf

Image: Google Images

Ginnifer Goodwin

Image: Coolspotters.com

Emma Watson

Image: Coolspotters.com


Image: Coolspotters.com


These are just a few of my many favorites! I don’t know these famous women and probably never will, but it’s always kinda comforting to know that I’m not the only girly-girl in the world who is able to survive without braids and ponytails.










Top 10 Celebrity Short Hair Styles

Posted on 11. Apr, 2012 by in Short Hair

PEOPLE and Us Weekly covers always catch my eye when I’m standing in line at the supermarket. I don’t have the hot bod or hot clothes that my favorite stars wear while they’re out running errands or hitting the red carpet, but it’s more fun to check out hairstyles on people I recognize than those short hair styles guide books in salon lobbies. I’ve compiled 10 of my favorite celebrity short hair styles and included them below. Some of these ladies have already grown out their locks, but these pictures offer even more proof that it’s completely possible to look feminine with short hair.

1. Michelle Williams

Photo: WireImage

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