Michelle Tate’s Adorable Short Hair

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My time in front of the TV is usually spent watching Dora the Explorer travel through the jungle or a Disney Princess dance and sing her way to happily-ever-afterness, but my husband has been a fan of TV shows about the paranormal for as long as I can remember.  He can verify that I’ve been known to get Ghost Hunters confused with Ghost Adventures and vice versa since I don’t watch them regularly, but I have a basic knowledge of the characters…er, stars… of the shows.

After being eliminated from Ghost Hunters Academy, Michelle Tate joined the TAPS crew (The Atlantic Paranormal Society, for those of you who don’t watch it) on Ghost Hunters. She has an adorable short haircut, as you can see on this photo from her Twitter profile.

Photo: Twitter.com @MichelleTater

Since I receive a lot of questions regarding how a girl can look feminine with short hair, I’m mentioning Michelle as an example. I don’t know her hair and beauty routines, but she has one of the brightest smiles I’ve ever seen–an easy way to instantly make yourself look better, regardless of your hairstyle!

Happy Epilepsy Awareness Month! November 2012

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Today is Day 16 of Epilepsy Awareness Month 2012. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in December 2006 after having several seizures within a one-month period, but my MRIs lead my doctors to believe that I most likely had scarring on my brain before the seizures began. Assuming all goes well—please cross your fingers and toes for me—January 2013 will my five-year “Seizure Free” anniversary. I am incredibly fortunate.

I Wear Purple for Epilepsy

My wardrobe contains plenty of purple, the color that symbolizes epilepsy awareness, but I don’t always explain the significance when people compliment my purple T-shirts, tank tops, and even eye shadow. I even had short purple hair for nearly a year, which did give me the opportunity to raise epilepsy awareness. Whenever anyone mentioned my crazy hair color, I was able to explain its significance while letting them know I wasn’t a punk rocker. (No offense to you punk rockers out there.)

Today I am wearing purple tights. I’m sorry for the photo quality, but I am by myself at the moment and wanted to share them with you while they were still on my mind. (And on my legs.)

Wearing Purple Tights for Epilepsy Awareness

I would also like to remind everyone reading that I am living proof that seizures and epilepsy can happen to anyone at any age. I was living a completely normal life, and poof! Everything was drastically different in a matter of seconds.

Learn About Epilepsy

If you’d like to learn more about epilepsy and seizures, please visit the Epilepsy Foundation, Epilepsy Advocate, and TalkAboutIt.org. They are all wonderful reputable organizations with plenty of helpful information.




Cheap Haircuts for Women with Short Hair?

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I cut off my hair during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college—I don’t even completely remember why—and despite one year-long attempt to grow it out, it’s been short ever since. And I’ve been out of college for 10 (long) years now.

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