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Happy Epilepsy Awareness Month! November 2012

Posted on 16. Nov, 2012 by in Epilepsy, Girly Stuff

Today is Day 16 of Epilepsy Awareness Month 2012. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in December 2006 after having several seizures within a one-month period, but my MRIs lead my doctors to believe that I most likely had scarring on my brain before the seizures began. Assuming all goes well—please cross your fingers and toes for me—January 2013 will my five-year “Seizure Free” anniversary. I am incredibly fortunate.

I Wear Purple for Epilepsy

My wardrobe contains plenty of purple, the color that symbolizes epilepsy awareness, but I don’t always explain the significance when people compliment my purple T-shirts, tank tops, and even eye shadow. I even had short purple hair for nearly a year, which did give me the opportunity to raise epilepsy awareness. Whenever anyone mentioned my crazy hair color, I was able to explain its significance while letting them know I wasn’t a punk rocker. (No offense to you punk rockers out there.)

Today I am wearing purple tights. I’m sorry for the photo quality, but I am by myself at the moment and wanted to share them with you while they were still on my mind. (And on my legs.)

Wearing Purple Tights for Epilepsy Awareness

I would also like to remind everyone reading that I am living proof that seizures and epilepsy can happen to anyone at any age. I was living a completely normal life, and poof! Everything was drastically different in a matter of seconds.

Learn About Epilepsy

If you’d like to learn more about epilepsy and seizures, please visit the Epilepsy Foundation, Epilepsy Advocate, and They are all wonderful reputable organizations with plenty of helpful information.




Epilepsy Advocate’s My Four Words Project

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by in Epilepsy, Mom - Parenting - Family

The “My Four Words” project was launched by Epilepsy Advocate and UCB earlier this year, but I didn’t participate until the other day when I received a reminder email. The project gives people who are living with epilepsy or have loved ones with the condition the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

The catch? Right, you got it–your story has to be told with just four words. People have made beautiful posters and signs, many of which are featured here on the My Four Words Flickr photostream. My “My Four Words” sign is more of a note, but I feel that it accurately describes my adventures with epilepsy.

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Price of Preventing Seizures

Posted on 08. Mar, 2012 by in Epilepsy

Epilepsy seemingly entered my life out of nowhere. I did not have a stroke. I was not in a car accident. I did not fall and hit my head. I did not use illegal drugs.

This January marked an important milestone in my life. I’ve been seizure-free for four years. I’m not incredibly superstitious, but I’m almost afraid to mention it for fear I’ll have a seizure and break the trend. Every time I go to the doctor (either the neurologist or my family physician) he asks if I’ve had any seizures lately and I’m always thrilled to say, “Nope!” Continue Reading →