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Growing Out Your Hair? Try Wheatgrass

Posted on 15. Sep, 2010 by in Diet - Food, Short Hair

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I decided to give wheatgrass a try. I’ve been taking Sweet Wheat wheatgrass juice powder capsules.

I haven’t noticed any major weight loss other than the initial two pounds I somehow shed when I began this wheatgrass challenge. Then again, I’m not  the healthiest eater I know.

But (and this is a big but for someone who calls herself the Short Hair Diva) my hair seems to be growing like crazy. My bangs have gotten so long I’ve started clipping them to the sides with barrettes. Definitely seems like a benefit if you’re trying to grow out your hair. Last weekend my mother told me I look like a “shaggy dog” (whatever that means, since I’ve never seen a purple dog in my 30 years on this planet) but for now I’m leaving it.

30 Days of Wheatgrass

Posted on 30. Aug, 2010 by in Diet - Food

A few years ago I spent a lot of time blogging about my experiences with my weight and weight loss. I’m a huge advocate of WeightWatchers because I’m living proof that the program truly, honestly works. I went from 135 pounds to 180 pounds while I was pregnant in 2008, and I was able to lose 35 pounds before my daughter was 5 months old. At the moment she’s pushing two and I have yet to lose the remaining 10, but in all honesty I’m not  watching what I eat like I did initially. Even so, I would definitely like to get rid of the last few pounds and get back into shape.

SweetWheat Wheatgrass Juice Powder

I recently learned about wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice, an all-natural food product that people add to their diets as a nutritional supplement. The list of wheatgrass benefits that I have read is probably twice as long as my arm, so I decided to give it a go. Last week I began taking a product called Sweet Wheat. I must be honest and admit that I was provided with a 30-day sample of Sweet Wheat Sweet Boost Packets but I have no obligation to the company to promote it on my own website.

SweetWheat Wheatgrass Capsules

Now that I have been taking SweetWheat for a full week, I decided to weigh myself this morning. I did lose 2 pounds in the past week, which was rather surprising because I ate dessert two times this weekend. If you’d like more info about SweetWheat and their organic products, please visit their site at

BOGO VitaTops Taste Twice As Good

Posted on 07. Mar, 2010 by in Diet - Food

Earlier today we ran into Publix for a few things, so (as always) I decided to pick up a couple boxes of my precious Vitamuffins.

By the way, I love Publix. (Random trivia: I worked there for almost five years when I was a student.) And as you also know, I’m in love with Vitamuffins, so imagine the look on my face when I saw …

Oh yeah! Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, it really does say “Buy 1 Get 1 Free.”

I was so excited, I had to take a picture. (Yes, my husband laughed at me, but I don’t care.) A BOGO Vitamuffins sale  is worth a photo or two.

P.S. Publix sales run Thursday through Wednesday, so you still have a few more days to stock up.