I’m the Short Hair Diva behind this website. I also answer to Melissa and Mommy (but only if you’re the Little Short Hair Diva.)  I’m not too much of a diva but I definitely have short hair.

I grew up in the Tampa Bay area and live there today. I actually enjoy intense sunshine and sweltering Florida heat.

I prefer flip-flops to “real” shoes and I’ve been a  huge Jimmy Buffett fan since the seventh or eighth grade, when the kids would ask “Jimmy who?” and snicker when I wore his concert T-shirts to school. (Seriously, what were my parents thinking?! Letting a 13-year-old  go to concerts infested with margarita-guzzling lunatics?)

After my graduation from The University of Tampa and an extremely brief teaching career, I began working as a freelance writer in Tampa. As you may have figured out from the number of blog posts about epilepsy awareness, I am also a person who began having unexplained seizures at  age 25, resulting in an epilepsy diagnosis.

These days I contribute to a variety of websites and social media accounts for my clients, which is the primary reason I’m guilty of not updating my blog as often as I should. In the past few years I’ve celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary, given birth to the cutest little girl on the planet, dyed my hair purple, hugged Ernie from Sesame Street, talked about epilepsy with my all-time favorite Heroes and Felicity star Greg Grunberg and (gulp!) celebrated my 30-somethingth birthday.