Painting Your Nails to add a Feminine Touch

Posted on 11. Mar, 2013 by in Girly Stuff, Short Hair

I have a love/hate relationship with nail salons. There’s no denying that those spa pedicure chairs are awesome and the nail techs can make my nails look a zillion times better than I can, but these days the thought of spending sixty or seventy bucks a month on my nails makes me cringe.

I wore pink and white acrylic nails and got bi-weekly pedicures for years but decided to give up the habit while I was pregnant. The OB/GYN nearly laughed when I asked if that rumor about hair dye being unsafe during pregnancy was actually true, but I didn’t even ask about nail salons because I didn’t want to risk exposing an unborn child to all those crazy fumes, which easily give me a headache. So I scraped and peeled off the acrylics and suffered through almost a year of paper-thin sore fingernails and started painting my own toenails—even with a pregnancy belly in the way.

My nails are still prone to breaking years later and I’m guilty of biting them when they aren’t perfectly filed (gross, I know) so as you can see they are short, but I make an effort to paint them because they help my hands look a bit more girly. When you have short hair like I do and don’t feel like wearing makeup or an evening gown, painting your nails can help you look a bit more feminine despite your short hairdo.


If you’re going to do your nails at home, do yourself a favor and invest in a bottle of quality polish. My current favorite brand is Essie, but OPI is decent as well. It will cost you $8 or $9 but you’ll achieve much better results than you will bargain rack nail polish. Besides, one bottle is less than half the price of a manicure or pedicure and will last several months or longer.

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