Looking Feminine with Short Hair

Posted on 06. Mar, 2010 by in Artsy Crafty, Girly Stuff

You must have figured out by now that I have short hair (hence the whole ShortHairDiva thing). I’ve had several people tell me, “I can’t even imagine not having long hair!” as if I’m some kind of weirdo.

Some women – and some men  – think that in order to be feminine, you must have long hair. I’ve had short hair for over ten years, so I speak from experience – it really is possible to look girly with short hair. I’ve yet to be mistaken for a man! (I’ll let you know if it ever happens.)

If you seriously think long hair translates into feminine, you may have forgotten just how good (and womanly) Halle Berry looks when she decides to get a pixie cut.

By the way, I think Halle looks great with short hair!

One fun way to look feminine even if you have short hair is with jewelry, but since I am Mama to a toddler, it’s hard to wear necklaces or earrings without the fear that they will be yanked off of my body in a painful manner.

Instead, I really like to experiment with makeup. Considering the fact that most men don’t wear makeup (I say most men because I guess there’s that whole cross-dresser thing that some guys seem to enjoy) I think it’s a good way to distinguish yourself from men.

I love to try different colors of eye shadow and eyeliner. Here’s a picture I snapped with my iPhone just the other day.

(Before you start laughing, please realize that I’m not a huge fan of my short, over-waxed eyebrows either, so as I try to let them grow I have to fill them in a little bit with pencil.)

Obviously I don’t wear this much eye shadow every day, but if I have a few minutes I like to play around. I think it turned out pretty cool. I started out with pink all over my eyelids. Then I used a contour brush to apply teal between my lash line and the crease of my eyes. A little purple eyeliner and black mascara finished up the look.

If you also have short hair, you can use your makeup as an accessory just like I do.

2 Responses to “Looking Feminine with Short Hair”

  1. angella 15 February 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    it looks great!!! I recently cut my hair and I have never felt so feminine. With my little face, I look like a doll 😀 perfect doll!

  2. jill 26 September 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    I agree totally. With my short hair I love wearing hoop earrings and long A line dresses and of course shoes that stun!

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