BOGO VitaTops Taste Twice As Good

Posted on 07. Mar, 2010 by in Diet - Food

Earlier today we ran into Publix for a few things, so (as always) I decided to pick up a couple boxes of my precious Vitamuffins.

By the way, I love Publix. (Random trivia: I worked there for almost five years when I was a student.) And as you also know, I’m in love with Vitamuffins, so imagine the look on my face when I saw …

Oh yeah! Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, it really does say “Buy 1 Get 1 Free.”

I was so excited, I had to take a picture. (Yes, my husband laughed at me, but I don’t care.) A BOGO Vitamuffins saleĀ  is worth a photo or two.

P.S. Publix sales run Thursday through Wednesday, so you still have a few more days to stock up.

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  1. melanie fernandez 8 March 2010 at 2:38 am #

    LOL!! i was gonna tell you about this. i got my BOGO. woohoo!!!

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