Weighty Issue

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I’ve never been morbidly obese, but I was always one of the chubby girls at school. People didn’t pick on me or laugh at me, but I was shy and very self-conscious about my weight. I’ll never forget the day in junior high school that my P.E. teacher put his arm around my shoulder and told me, “You’d be such a pretty girl if you just lost some of that weight.” These days, my parents probably would have sued the guy, but back then I was so embarrassed I never even told anyone that he said it. I also remember crying when my mother took me shopping for a prom dress and we had to go to the woman’s department because I didn’t fit in any of the dresses in the juniors section. I was a size 14, and these days I see juniors clothing in sizes 13, 15, 17 … apparently there is an epidemic of fat teenagers out there. They didn’t have clothes that big when I was younger. It’s sad, really. I wish that young people would realize how much they are hurting their bodies by being that overweight.

I lost quite a bit of weight during college, but I’ve continued to bounce up and down on the scale over the years. Before my husband and I decided to start a family, we both joined Weight Watchers. I lost 25 pounds in about 5 months and was the thinnest I’d ever been in my life. My parents were also following the program and my dad lost a whopping 100 pounds.

My brother was killed in Iraq later that year, and my entire family pretty much lost it. We all stopped following the program and we all started gaining weight.

During my pregnancy, I gained 45 pounds.

I re-joined Weight Watchers after having the baby and lost 30 pounds within 5 months.  I’ve got to admit that Weight Watchers is by far the best eating plan that I’ve ever followed. It works. I want to laugh when people tell me that it just doesn’t work for them. That means they aren’t following the system correctly and they are eating a lot more than they think they are. For some reason I just quit following the program and quit losing weight. I stopped exercising and I started eating more and more unhealthy foods. I like to eat junk food – who doesn’t? It tastes good. It also needs to be eaten in moderation. I can tell that I’ve been eating badly over the last few months. I’m tired, my skin isn’t the greatest, and I get stomach aches often.

My husband and I have decided together that enough’s enough, and we both rejoined Weight Watchers Online. I hope that this time I can make it through and lose the rest of the weight. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Rebecca 14 February 2010 at 11:41 pm #

    I think you look pretty great at any weight girl. But I get what you are saying. I think being and feeling healthy is important too. I hope you don’t get any more stomach aches.

  2. Melissa 15 February 2010 at 12:44 pm #

    Oh, thanks, lol. I definitely like my junk food, but I’m going to try hard this time. Don’t worry, I was always jealous of you for being so thin!

  3. melanie fernandez 17 February 2010 at 11:14 am #

    i don’t know when that pic was taken but if you get any skinnier i think your huge boobs are gonna topple you over :)
    you know that i think you are a beautiful woman, then and now.
    i’m really sorry that a teacher said that to you. that is completely @#$%!* up and makes me very angry. i also know what you mean about the selection of cute clothes for women who are in the double digit sizes. it it a lot easier now because like you said, unfortunately the demand for bigger sizes is much greater today than it was 10 or 15 years ago. i personally have just given up and am trying to muster up the courage to do something about my health. i’m a size 16 to 18 and i am so disgusted that i refuse to spend a small fortune at Lane Bryant for cute chubby girl clothes. NYCO has a good selection of tops but i can’t fit comfortably into any of their pants. so i have been wearing house pants for about 4 years now.
    i want to exercise but i am too depressed to take the step out of the door on most days. i don’t have any friends who are near enough to be any regular part of my life. Uli works all the time and is just exhausted when he gets home. i have Sam, and i love to be with her but i am very lonely and pretty starved for adult interaction.
    anyway, i definitely agree with you that weight watchers works(if you do it correctly). i also agree that i feel a million times better when i cut back on the junk and get some exercise. we are waiting for gamestop to get wii’s in stock and then i’m going to see if i can force myself to use the wii fit.
    well, i wish you all the strength you need to get where you want to be. talk to u soon.

  4. Melissa 17 February 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    That photo was right before David died in 2007. I was in hardcore Weight Watchers / exercise mode and I got pretty skinny-mini. I’ve only been “back on the wagon” for a week or so and the first days were pretty awful. It’s getting easier as I go, though. It got to the point that we were eating McDonald’s or Hardee’s 5 times a week and feeling pretty horrible. As for exercise, I used to be a treadmill maniac but now whenever I try to go use it, I have a little person standing outside the door yelling and crying. I have a Wii Fit but she tries to climb on it with me. Sam is bigger though so you should be OK! It is fun. I like mine.
    Excuses, I guess!

  5. melanie fernandez 17 February 2010 at 8:50 pm #

    no, i understand what you mean. the little ones are VERY demanding. if you aren’t giving them your undivided attention they get peeved. i can see how the treadmill would be impossible unless she’s sleeping. that’s good that you’re “back on the wagon”. i think if you cut out fast food alone it will make a big difference.

  6. Michael 9 March 2010 at 11:00 pm #

    Great post Melissa…
    I’m sorry to hear about your brother – I can’t even begin to comprehend the thought of your loss.

    From a diet perspective, kudos to you for climbing back on that horse. I’ll be sure to stop by and read about your weight loss success.


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