Divahood on a Budget: Makeup

Posted on 10. Feb, 2010 by in Girly Stuff

In today’s economy, most of us have less money to spend on things that aren’t necessities. Articles and advertisements about looking great on a budget have become a common sight in fashion magazines and many women are calling themselves frugalistas, which is defined by Wiktionary as “a person who is fashionable while being thrifty.”

Nothing wrong with that, right?

These frugalistas have started purchasing cheaper versions of the clothing and beauty products than they normally favor, and they still look great. I’m definitely a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and frugalista as I absolutely love makeup, nail polish, hair products, clothes, and shoes. I’ve realized a few things while trying to look my best and stretch my dollars as far as they’ll go.

Foundation and Powder

I’m one of those annoying women that hates to leave the house without makeup, so I go through makeup fairly quickly. I have semi-sensitive skin that does not respond well to drugstore brand foundations and powders, which can cause breakouts and oiliness. Please realize that I’m not trying to say that Covergirl or Maybelline powders won’t work for you, but I have been wearing Clinique since I was a teenager. Clinique products are available in department stores such as Macy’s or Dillards or directly from the Clinique website. They are not the most expensive brand on the market but they are far from cheap.

My Clinique foundation runs about $20 a bottle but I’ve realized that I can make it last about a month longer than usual by mixing a dab of moisturizer with it before putting it on my face. This thins out the foundation ever so slightly. It still provides very good coverage without looking greasy or splotchy, so I’m still able to use my preferred brand of foundation and make it last longer than it normally would.

Applying foundation directly with your fingers will also use far less than applying it with a makeup sponge. Make sure that you have clean, dry hands before you do this. Putting your foundation on a sponge to apply it to your face will absorb a lot more makeup than you will use, therefore wasting most of it. You can still use a sponge or even a cotton ball to blend your makeup once it is on your face.

Beauty consultants at makeup counters in stores will often recommend makeup sponges, but remember that they are salespeople before they are your friend. They want you to purchase things and come back to purchase more things.

Powder isn’t always necessary first thing in the morning, but if you feel as if you have to wear some I’d suggest using a brush¬† so that you don’t apply too much. Once you are starting to see a bit of a shine on your face throughout the day, the easiest way is to use the sponge that comes right in the powder compact.

Eye Makeup
As with foundation, my preferred brand of eye makeup is Clinique – it does not fade away as quickly as the cheaper brands do – but I’ve learned a few tricks about that as well. A single color of their eye shadow is around $14 and the compacts with two, three, or four shades increase in price as more colors are added. I have begun using my favorite Clinique color as my base eye shadow, and applying a drugstore shadow as my highlight color.¬† The drugstore shadow seems to stay on longer if it is applied on top of the better quality shadow.

You can also skip the pricier eyeliners. I’ve found that Almay, Hard Candy and Rimmel make some great pencils and liquid liners in fun colors for very reasonable prices. They might not last quite as long, but you can buy two or even three for the cost of one Clinique (or other department store brand) liner. I still prefer the higher quality mascaras, but if I am in a jam the trusty old Maybelline Great Lash in the pink tube will do the job for around $5.

2 Responses to “Divahood on a Budget: Makeup”

  1. melanie fernandez 14 February 2010 at 12:23 pm #

    you are totally awesome Mel. have you ever considered becoming a cosmetologist sometime down the road? my maa is a retired cosmetologist and she loved it and made a lot of money when she was working. she even owned her own salon once upon a time.
    i know that you would be really great at it and the best thing is that you would get all the professional products at cost. i miss her discount :(
    i pretty much grew up in a beauty salon. i wish i could do it but i am only good at haircolor. i can’t really cut. of course there are tons of people with licenses who can’t do hair, lol.

  2. Melissa 14 February 2010 at 1:26 pm #

    Wow I never knew your mom did that! That’s so cool. I actually thought beauty school before I went back to college last summer, but all of the local programs that I found were full-time and there was no way I could go to school all day, every day. I would definitely love to learn more though. It’s just a hobby for me.

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