It Used to Bother Me, But I Take a Pill for That Now

Posted on 29. Jan, 2010 by in Epilepsy

The last week of the month is always exciting around here because – in addition to our normal bills – it’s Prescription Time! (Sorry, I’m not savvy enough to have catchy game show music playing right after you read those words, so you’ll just have to imagine it.)

The pharmacist recognizes me as soon as I walk up to the counter. I even have my own little weekly pill tray with AM and PM slots and everything! I’m 30 years old and probably take the same number of prescriptions as your average senior citizen. (Oooh, never thought of it before, but maybe that’s why The Golden Girls is my all-time favorite television show?)

Prescription Time is especially exciting during the month of January since we get to meet the insurance prescription deductible again, which means all of my medications cost more. A lot more.

If anyone bothers to pay attention to what I write, they’ll remember that I have epilepsy. Most of the time I forget about it, since – thankfully – I have not had a seizure in two years. My medicine is controlling things quite nicely. WOO HOO!

BUT I definitely remember the whole epilepsy thing come Prescription Time!

Two days ago we spent $289 for my anti-seizure medication.


JUST that ONE prescription was $289. I also take other ones. The Golden Girls, remember? (That’s with our insurance discount, by the way. Full cash price is closer to $400.)

A “generic equivalent” of Trileptal is available for $15.

Yep. $300 vs. $15.

Of course you’re asking, why on earth don’t you just get the generic?

Back to that whole “I have not had a seizure in two years” thing. I was given the generic equivalent of this drug two years ago when it arrived on the market and I had two bad seizures in two days. The second one was so scary that my husband had to call the paramedics. (Luckily, I don’t remember what happens when they are going on.)

At the time, I’d been seizure free for a few months and then these happened two nights in a row … yep, you guessed it – after I’d been taking my new generic medicine for two days.

It was determined that the generic prescription was different enough to be ineffective for me, so my neurologist had to call my insurance company who had to call my … blah, blah, blah. Thankfully it was determined that I have to have the name-brand product and I don’t have to fight over this at the pharmacy every month.

Keep this story in mind when I start bugging everyone to donate to my team in the 2010 National Walk For Epilepsy. We participated in 2009 – see here and raised over $500! I’ll keep everyone updated when I have more info.

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  1. melanie fernandez 6 February 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    that sucks big time. that’s about all i can say. i’ll definitely donate again. keep me posted.

  2. Melissa 7 February 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    Thanks Mel. I was so glad to have you as a virtual member of our team last year. You really helped spread the word!

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