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I used to buy the Sunday newspaper every once in awhile, but I’ve become such a coupon fiend that I purchase 2 copies of the paper to have double the coupons (the St. Pete Times is only 50 cents on Sundays, so I can get 2 of those for the price of 1 Tampa Tribune).

We do 99% of our grocery shopping at Target, and Target now hands out coupons at the cash register after you pay for your purchases. Surprisingly most of the coupons that I receive are for items that I actually purchase, so I use them during my next shopping trip. I get tons of coupons for baby food and those definitely come in handy. You can also find a lot of great printable Target coupons at

There are also a lot of other websites out there that offer printable coupons, such as and –just for starters! Hit up Google and find others. Let me know what other sites you like!

Saving 50 cents here and saving $1 there really does add up. My coupons usually knock $10 to $15 off our grocery bill every week.

Good Luck in your search for coupons!

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