School Days

Posted on 18. Sep, 2009 by in Artsy Crafty

The fact that I’m closer in age to my instructors than to the other students makes going to class a little bit awkward, but what I really can’t get over is the fact that some of these very talented kids are so damn lazy.

I chat with a couple students that sit near me, and the majority of them seem to be between 18 and 20 years old. Their parents are helping them pay for school and a few of them have part-time jobs, but for the most part … school is all that they have going on. (Well, school and getting drunk every night after school.)

Some of them come to class and act totally shocked to find out that a project was due that day. You know, a project that we’ve been working on for, oh, three or four weeks.

Some of them come to class without their supplies …. and I’m not even talking “supplies” like Bristol pads and paint or markers … they show up without a notebook or a pen!

HOW can you go to SCHOOL without a PEN?!

There’s a chick in one of my classes that sits there and reads with her feet up on the desk.

Not a textbook, not an industry magazine … looks more like something from Barnes and Noble or Borders.

I broke down the other day and asked (out of morbid curiosity) “So you’re done with all your work already? Wow!” and she told me, “Nah, I just haven’t felt like starting it yet.”

So she sits in a classroom where she (or Mom) is paying $450 a credit hour and READS A BOOK.

I overheard another guy ask her, “You’re still reading the same book?”

“No, I finished it once already but I didn’t have a new one yet so I’m reading it again.”


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