My New Crazy Hair

Posted on 23. Jul, 2009 by in Girly Stuff

Got my hair chopped off again yesterday. It’s pretty short this time. Yeah I know, I know. It’s always short but it’s worse than usual this time.

Not worse as in bad … that didn’t sound the way I wanted it to. I asked for it to be this way.

As for color … I was debating whether or not to just go back to dark hair again, for ease of color maintenence but my hubby said “Why not do something really wild like purple hair?”

I wasn’t feeling that brave (yet anyway) so we found a couple pictures of color that I could show the guy on my iPhone (yes you read that correctly, my iPhone! I’ll write more about that later).

Yeah, you also read “the guy” correctly. I’ve still been getting my hair done at my friend’s mom’s salon but I’ve switched stylists. Hope that there are no hurt feelings, but I doubt it since I’m still supporting her business.

So in addition to having really, really short hair I now have really, really bright hair. It’s kinda a cross between tomato red and carrot orange. My bangs are a lot brighter than the rest, since they had been bleached blonde and the rest of my head was colored dark.

It won’t last forever and most women would never dare to chop of their hair, let alone get it colored all crazy and weird like I do! I’m sure that a lot of people think I look insane, but I think it’s pretty cool.


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  1. Emily 1 March 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    We are all a little insane! I don’t think I could ever go as short as you, but I think you totally rock the short hair girl, it looks good on you!

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