It’s the Schwartzman Quartet! Yippee!

Posted on 04. Jun, 2009 by in Mom - Parenting - Family

They’re super duper swell!

By the way, if you know what I’m talking about, then you’re just as crazy as I am!

We’ve started letting our daughter watch Noggin on TV, and Jack’s Big Music Show is absolutely awesome. It isn’t on until 11:00 PM Eastern time so we set the DVR and record all the episodes.

Jack’s Big Music show is not a cartoon – it’s more like Sesame Street-type puppets, but some “real people” are on the show too. In short, Jack and his friend Mary and their dog Mel hang out in a “super duper swell” musical clubhouse in Jack’s back yard. They love to try new instruments, and they’re always meeting new friends that want to learn about music, too. One of my favorite “groups” on the show is the Schwartzman Quartet, a cute little set of 4 puppets that sing. Jack even wears what resemble a tiny little pair of Converse tennis shoes! Too cute. I love to see him tapping his feet.

I’ve started watching Jack’s Big Music Show even after the kiddo is already sleeping. I’m addicted.

Check it out. You’ll love it, even if you don’t have kids yet.


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