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Posted on 17. Apr, 2009 by in Diet - Food

Well it’s another Friday so that means another Weight Watchers check. I gained 0.4 pounds but I’m certainly not shocked. I was expecting way worse, since I kinda fell off the wagon this week. I ate a Take Five bar, an Edy’s ice cream cone from the shop down the street, a meal at McDonalds, and Ramen noodle soup (among other things that I’m sure I don’t even remember). I lost almost three pounds last week though; so even with my little setbacks lately I’ve basically maintained ever since the trip to Washington. I’ve pretty much stalled around the 30-pound-loss post-baby. I’ve gotta get back in gear, start the treadmill seriously, and watch better.

I read on Facebook this morning that a girl I went to high school with has died. I knew her vaguely, we were not best buddies, or even any kind of buddies actually, but it’s pretty scary to hear about it. A boy from my graduating class was killed in Iraq a few years ago (as was my own brother). If I had any advice to offer younger people, it would be to realize that you’re not invincible. Wow, I’m gettin old. There’s actually a girl who is 17 in one of my Art Institute classes. Yes, 17! I am almost 30! Eeeeek!


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