Old Friends

Posted on 09. Mar, 2009 by in Miscellaneous

It’s gotten really easy to find old friends online, thanks to the fact that 99% of the world has a profile on MySpace or Facebook (or both -I’m guilty of that). In fact, last summer was my 10-year high school reunion and the majority of it was planned via MySpace (by our old class president, go figure). So anyway, I found one of my old friends from high school. We emailed back and forth a few times and realized that we lived about 3 minutes from each other, so we met up the other day for some coffee. I had a good time catching up and chatting without the use of an online messenger. It was nice to see her and hang out, so of course I made sure to take a pic!

Melissa & Melissa, 10 Years Later

Melissa & Melissa, 10 Years Later

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  1. mel fernandez 11 April 2009 at 2:50 pm #

    i’m glad you ran into missy. i love my melissa’s

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