In Memory of My Brother

Posted on 21. Mar, 2009 by in Mom - Parenting - Family

I mentioned that I am going to Washington, DC with my family to participate in the 2009 National Walk for Epilepsy next week – I can’t believe that we have to leave in a few days! This will be our first major road trip with a baby and I need to start writing a list of what to pack ASAP!

In addition to doing the fundraiser Walk and trying to go to some of the Smithsonian museums we will be doing something much harder.

We will be going to Arlington National Cemetery to see my brother’s grave.┬áHe was killed in Iraq on August 24, 2007.

It is still hard for me to talk about and hard to look at photos of him, so I know that going to the cemetery is going to be even worse, but I want to go. We have not been there since his funeral in September 2007.

I feel bad / guilty that I cannot look at many pictures of my brother, but it makes me feel even worse when I see them. Certain songs on the radio will make me cry and seeing people in uniform while out in public makes me upset too. They say that time heals all wounds and everyone deals with things differently so I’m hoping that things will get easier for me.

I am not going to write much more right now, other than say he was an amazing soldier that spent 16 years in the Army and gave his life for his country.

You can find out more about him by searching Google for SFC David A. Heringes until I write more about him like he deserves.

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  1. mel fernandez 11 April 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    melissa, i know they say that time heals all wounds, but they are a bit off on it. time eases the pain in varying degrees. i know your heart and you will closely carry this with you for the rest of your life. i didn’t know him but i bet your brother would want you be happy. what i do with the ones i’ve lost is try to put them in a box in my mind. occasionally i will take the box out and let out my sadness, then i compose myself and put the box away again. maybe that could work for you so that you can enjoy bobby and hannah NOW and mentally prepare yourself for the day you tell her about her angel uncle. it is much easier said than done but i believe in you. you are much stronger than i think you know. all my love and respect, mel

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