Vitamuffins: They’re Vitalicious!

Posted on 23. Feb, 2009 by in Diet - Food

“Weight ain’t nothin but a number!”

That may be true, but I’m trying to get my number back down to the general range that it was before being pregnant. I’ve never been Skinny Minnie, but I joined Weight Watchers about a year before getting pregnant and I must admit that the slogan is true: “Diets don’t work, Weight Watchers does” — or whatever it is that they say on TV all the time.

So after packing on the pounds due to baby weight (and ice cream weight) I’m back on the wagon. Let me tell ya, I am hunnnngry all the time. Then again, I’ve lost half the baby weight and she’s just now turning 4 months old, so I’m gonna keep on trucking with the diet. Excuse me, I meant to say with my “new way of eating.” It’s not a diet, remember?

So anyway, my new best friends are these cute little round guys called VitaMuffins. There are also a version called VitaTops. For only one Point (my Weight Watchers buddies out there know just what I’m talking about) I can almost trick myself into thinking that I’m eating a chocolate cupcake. You Can Lose Weight Eating Muffins? These suckers are kinda pricey (over $5 for a box of 4) but I’m semi-addicted and eat one just about every day. Trouble is, I can only find them at select Sweetbay supermarkets, apparently only those with a frozen organic food department. It also seems as if every other Weight Watchers enthusiast in town must have learned the secret too, since half the time there are only a box or two left at the store. There is a VitaMuffin website (with tons of different flavors! I’ve only had the deep chocolate ones that Sweetbay sells) but I haven’t placed an order yet. I’ve just been trying my luck at Sweetbay.

So here I am telling everyone about em and how good they are. Just do me a favor – don’t buy the last box. Leave one for me!

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