Hair: Longer is Not Necessarily Better

Posted on 25. Feb, 2009 by in Girly Stuff

I’ve had pretty short hair (ok, really short hair) since college. I never had hair down to my waist, but for some reason I decided to get my hair chopped off when I was 19 and I’ve kept it short ever since. My hair is usually dyed one crazy color or another, but at my last hair appointment, I decided to get it dark-dark-dark. Onyx, I belive. I like having red and blonde hair but it’s kinda hard to keep up with it all, especially since I don’t drive at the moment (don’t worry, it’s not DUI-related) and I have a new baby at home. So anyway, onyx. Then I then let my current stylist (who is actually my friend’s mom) talk me into “letting it grow a bit longer” during my haircut, so when she barely trimmed it, I said it looked OK. I did think it looked OK then.

Self-Portrait of my Haircut ... and I feel like someone's watching  me ...

BUT that was about three weeks ago, and it got kinda shaggy-weird looking. In my opinion, anyway. Since I live across town from her shop now, it’s a pain to get over there. (Plus I didn’t have an appointment scheduled.) Knowing that there’s no way she could see me on really short notice, I decided to make an appointment at Regis in the mall.

I used to go to Regis regularly, but I switched over to my friend’s mom about two years ago when the girl who previously did my hair at Regis moved out of state. I called Regis today, spoke to someone, and was told that women’s cuts start at $27 and mine should be around there if it was as short as I said (guess they didn’t believe me?)

So my hubby took me to the mall after he got home from work. The cut went fairly smoothly (it’s always kinda awkward when someone new cuts your hair) and she told me I’d get a $4 discount on “products” since I had gotten a haircut. I agreed to buy some waxy Redken hair goop stuff since I was almost out at home, and she rang me up. It sounded a little more expensive that I’d mentally figured out, but I said “whatever” and paid. Once I got home I actually pulled the receipt out of the bag and realized that she charged me $34 to cut my hair (no blow dry, no styling, no $27 either) and also charged me $3 for “conditioner.”

Considering that my hair is about 2 inches long, I doubt that very much conditioner was used. She also never mentioned “hey we charge you for conditioner” to me (in person or on the phone). Guess one shouldn’t assume, huh?

So my last-minute hair-cut and “conditioner” cost me $37. It actually turned out good, the girl (excuse me, the stylist) was very nice, and I like what she did. Only thing is, I pay $18 at the other salon. Sooo I could have gotten 2 haircuts and had $1 left over had I not gone to Regis.

3 Responses to “Hair: Longer is Not Necessarily Better”

  1. mel fernandez 19 March 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    you are so lucky. very few people can pull of short hair without looking like they are lesbians(which i have no prob with).
    you have the perfect shaped face for it.

  2. Marie 20 March 2009 at 9:15 pm #

    I have said it before and I will say it again ^_^ I SOOOO envy you for being able to chop your hair off ! And it looks awesome !

  3. Kenneth 2 January 2010 at 4:49 pm #

    I just came across ur super cute short hair pic and blog. I just wanted to say that you look absolutely gorgeous with super short hair. Your face shape and gorgeous eyes and mouth really make the cute do even more sexy. Im a hairstylist in The Dallas area and specialize in and prefer really cute short styles on females. Short style seem to show just how sexy the girl really is rather than hiding a pretty look behind long boring hairstyles. you totally rock the short hair.

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